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Recall Basics

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According to recent research* most Americans say they pay close attention to news reports about food recalls, and 81% say that when they hear about a food recall they tell others. Yet fewer than 60% of Americans have ever checked their homes for a recalled food item. This suggests that, for many Americans, food recalls are seen as important, but not particularly relevant to themselves.

The Partnership for Food Safety Education has created simple tools designed to orient consumers to the need to take notice of recalls, and to take action to identify whether a recalled product is in their home.

Download new consumer fliers:

Food Recalls: What you should know (consumer version)
Food Recalls: What you should know (retailer version)
FAQs and Recall Terms

Food Recalls: What to look for

Visit recallbasics.org for more information.

*Rutgers University Food Policy Institute, April 2009




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