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Scientific Associations and Consumer Interest Groups

Through support of the Partnership for Food Safety Education, associations and consumer interest groups can make a philanthropic investment that strongly signals their commitment to a safe food supply and the health of consumers.

The Partnership is a one-of-a-kind public-private nonprofit that provides critical information to consumers, connects nationwide food safety and health educators to one another for information exchange and collaboration, and elevates the importance of consumer education in the chain of prevention in food safety.

Every year, one in six Americans gets sick from foodborne bacteria, and we all know it’s in the news more and more.  The Partnership not only brings together all the players at the table, it has a national reach with 14,000 health and food safety educators who reach people of all ages in communities across the country. 

The Partnership has a structure for partners that offers great benefits and makes it possible for large and smaller private companies to be active partners.

Being an active Public Partner means your organization has significant visibility within a highly respected and representative public-private partnership with a reputation as a credible program resource for industry, health educators, the media and consumers.

Benefits to being a Public Partner include everything from being at the table when the Partnership holds special workshops and meetings, to recognition on the Partnership’s website and social media outlets, to acknowledgement on its very popular weekly email to more than 14,000 educators and consumers. Click here for a list of benefits to being a Public Partner.

For more information on becoming a Public Partner, or to discuss other program sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Shelley Feist, Executive Director
Partnership for Food Safety Education
sfeist at fightbac.org

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