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Mythbusters 2013


Kids are more likely to get food poisoning than most adults are. The CDC has estimated that kids under 4 years old are 4.5 times more likely to acquire bacterial infections from food compared to adults between 20 and 49 years old. Knowing fact from fiction when it comes to food safety risks could mean the difference between safe kids and sick kids. The myths and facts for 2013 draw attention to easily avoidable actions that could reduce a child’s risk of food poisoning. 



Myth 1Only kids eat raw cookie dough and cake batter.  If we just keep kids away from the raw products when adults are baking, there won’t be a problem! Get the fact. 

Myth 2When kids cook it is usually “heat and eat” snacks and foods in the microwave.  They don’t have to worry about food safety – the microwaves kill the germs! Get the fact.

Myth 3: When kids wash their hands, just putting their hands under running water is enough to get the germs off. Get the fact.

Myth 4:My kids only eat pre-packaged fruits and veggies for snacks because those snacks don’t need to be washed before they eat them. Get the fact.


2013 Materials:






4 Myth Flyer

Get 4 myths and 4 facts in this easy to share flyer!  










PowerPoint Presentation 

It's easy to teach food safety facts with our Home Food Safety Mythbusters Powerpoint presentation. 









Cookie Dough Myth Flyer

Just a lick can make you sick! Remind kids (an adults!) that they shouldn't be eating raw cookie dough or cake batter. 








Heat and Eat Myth Flyer

Microwaves aren't magic. Use this flyer to highlight the need to follow preparation instructions. 









Handwashing Myth Flyer

Rinsing hands is not enough to get the germs off! Fight this persistent myth with the facts. 









Pre-Packaged Myth Flyer

Pre-Packaged produce is everywhere. Use this flyer to make sure consumers are up to date on the rules for pre-packaged produce. 









Mythbusters Story: Kids in the Kitchen 

This story highlights many home food safety situations you might find very familiar. 










Mythbusters Quiz: PowerPoint ● Color Handout ● BW Handout 





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