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Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park

The Partnership for Food Safety Education is pleased to release Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park – the newest curriculum package for kids ages 8-11! (May 2013).

On this page you will find the Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park educator’s guide that includes information on how the curricula meets standards, two simple kids’ activities, a Ten Least Wanted mini poster, and a Powerpoint quiz.  Everything you need to give kids and their families a start on summer food safety!

This downloadable program supplements the original Fight BAC!® Your Game Plan curricula for educators. 

Also, check out our new flyer for summer food safety, Food Safety on the Move. 



Play Perfect Picnic!
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fight bac at picnic park_teachers guide_english_2013_page_1


   Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park - Educator's Guide 

  Includes standards alignment information, food safety education basics sheet, and two      reproducible student activity sheets.  





fight bac at picnic park_activity1


  Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park - Activity 1          





cook chill or toss_activity 2



   Fight BAC!® at Picnic Park - Activity 2




home food safety quiz_slides_english_page_01


   Home Food Safety Quiz 









   10 Least Wanted Poster 

  Pre-formatted for perfect printing at home or through a professional service.

   Click here to print at home 

   Professional Printing files: 

   8 1/2 X 11

   17 X 22                                                  

Fight BAC® at Picnic Park is also available at YMI!





The Partnership thanks Cargill and Tyson Foods for support of the BAC Fighter National Youth Campaign.








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